Advertising Campaign

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey - Advertising Campaign

In the fertility clinic marketing space, the image of a cute baby is the norm - EVERYWHERE. Not only is it a sea of sameness, it's an ocean of over promise. RMANJ is a leader in their field, not only offering unmatched success with high IVF delivery rates but also a different approach to patient-centered care.

Spitball took the objective of being different and mindful of the roller coaster of emotions patients face by creating a more real snapshot of these couples. Original photography was casted and directed which depicted couples contemplating their future family planning options. Simple, powerful and inspirational yet careful sensitive messaging, “Stay Positive” was introduced to set the leadership tone. Supporting proof points help the audience understand why RMANJ should be their first choice.

The website was redeveloped to integrate the real photography - as well as provide a more modern experience. A complete overhaul to every marketing piece was completed along with brand and product advertising flights. RMANJ was essentially reborn with a new message platform and visual identity.


Partner Agencies

  • Web Dev: Thingee
  • PR: Kovak-Likly