Print Advertising

Red Bank NJ - Advertising Campaign

Most tourism advertising is a carbon copy of one another – a beautiful couple in a picturesque landscape or 500 pounds of stuff in an 80 pound glossy paper advertisement. Red Bank was looking to Spitball to help break out from that mold re-awaken a hip-urban town that hadn’t done anything marketing in over three years.

Red Bank strived to be different but on-message, the ideal gig for Spitball. Many concepts were explored that visually brought Red Banks offerings to life while being creative with messaging. Ultimately the winning ad concept was "Escape for a Little While." This message is multi-faceted - speaking to the benefit of leaving everyday life to go to Red Bank - whether to eat, shop, entertain or whatever else you like doing. It also speaks to the spontaneity Red Bank offers. No need to pack – simply get up and go. Regain your lunch hour, break free from chores or have a night out on the town with little to no planning. Go for a few hours, a day trip or stay the night - that's what Red Bank offers.

The visual design sought to have stopping power - featuring unique objects escaping their home. From a fish out of water to a genie granting his own wish, the ad campaign collectively speaks to all the different offerings red bank has. Additionally Red Bank hosts a full calendar of cultural events to fill their streets and sidewalks with people - the campaign visuals are catered to these events. A snowman escaping its snow globe to a bride cake topper scaling down her wedding cake are just two creative examples of how the campaign works across all of Red Bank's advertising.

Also the town was without a consistent logo or tagline. For years, multiple branding elements were incorporated which made for a convoluted identity. Spitball, as part of the creative exploratory process, provided a range of logo concepts and taglines. The winning tagline, “A Cool Little Town”, simply spoke to the core takeaway that visitors had after walking the Red Bank sidewalks.

The outbound marketing was not limited to traditional conventions with a handful of local publications. Instead Spitball created a comprehensive media plan which included billboards on major highways, inside cover placements in leading magazines and internet radio to spread the message that Red Bank was the place to escape.