Product Launch

Morph Wheels - Foldable Wheelchair Wheel Product Launch

Maddak was looking to develop an innovative product - the first foldable wheelchair wheel - but needed an agency partner to develop everything from the name to the marketing plan. This unique product had tremendous marketing potential as it could truly help those in wheelchairs live more active lives.

The extensive naming exploratory resulted in Morph - which represents both the changing shape of the wheel and how it can change perceptions of mobility in wheelchairs. The visual identity began with a logo design that embraced the unique shape of the folded wheel - while uniquely portraying a mirrored "M" and "W" of the product name.

Various marketing elements were developed, including a microsite, small brochure and postcard. The brochure's unique layered structure helped demonstrate the product's folding capabilities while quickly communicating the product features and benefits. A lenticular postcard helped bring motion to a printed piece to help visually show the wheel folding.

We are proud to say on behalf of our client that the product has received prestigious awards in their field for product innovation - including Medtrade's New Product Innovation award.