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Cholula Hot Sauce - Sports Marketing

The brand known for their iconic wooden cap and balanced flavors, needed to light a fire under itself to jump start their marketing efforts. After in-depth research of the target and a casual lunch in an opportune place, Spitball conceived the idea of the Cholula Hot Sauce "Flamethrower".

This major league baseball sponsorship program centered around Cholula being featured as the radar gun during broadcasts - instantly detecting which pitch was hot enough to be a flamethrower. It quickly spread like wildfire offering in-stadium placements, on-air features, in-stadium signage, giveaways and the ultimate marketing vehicle… product trial through branded menu items such as the Cholula Hot Wings and "TaterHots", as well as stadium-wide concession placement.

This sponsorship program was implemented in 2 initial growth markets in year one and due to great success was expanded to 5 major cities in year two. With sales up an average of 20% in those 5 cities, the program certainly has caught fire. In the 2013 season, Cholula graced the scoreboard bookends at CitiField, the home of the MLB All-Star Game.