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Cheese Point of Purchase Display

Atalanta and the Italian Consortium were faced wth a challenge. How do you engage consumers to generate trial of Parmigano Reggiano? Sampling programs are expensive and difficult to manage across regions and retailers so the easy answer wasn’t feasible. But Spitball is never about shortcuts.

Spitball took inspiration for the cheese wheel itself, the result of decades of perfectly honed craftsmanship, and created a display case that used a fabricated cheese wheel as the form factor. When cut in half, it created a clamshell shape with the top half containing educational and recipe videos, while the bottom half served as the vessel for the product and literature.

Spitball created the concept and worked with packaging engineers on the final production. The result was instant with numerous retailers approving and buying into the display case for their grocery locations. The initial goal numbers from the pilot have quadrupled in terms of participating retailers and continues to grow.