Spitball is a fun-loving, creativity-inspired agency in Red Bank NJ. With a diverse client base and a team dedicated to clutter-breaking ideas, each day is different and filled with endless creativity.

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art director

Art Director

The versatile creative thinker who can design, present and lead.
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You live and breathe the idea, turning words on paper into something more.
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brand strategist

Brand Strategist

Steering multiple brands down the right path. Not the other way around.
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one of the things I like most about working here is how unexpected my daily routine can be. everyone works together as a team through all creative processes and all thoughts/opinions are welcome at the table.

~ kristin
(unbiased spitballer)

Working at Spitball is getting to have the best of both worlds. As we continue to grow, our base in design ethics remains the same. That is, to always explore every and all ideas along with given creative freedom- ultimately leading to great work with core ideas that really stick. While we always work hard through our process to get to those great ideas, we still don’t loose sight of still having fun. That’s why I love working here with our team and what makes every project and day interesting!

~ nadin
(unbiased spitballer)

Spitball is agency where the creativity parallels the passion
and hard work put into each and every project.

~ ben
(unbiased spitballer)

Coming from a larger agency, I love the smaller, entrepreneurial culture here at Spitball and everyday I'm blown away by the big ideas and creativity that happen between these walls. Every project is a true team effort working together towards one common goal.

~ leslie
(unbiased spitballer)

life at spitball

We all know you spend more time at work during the week than at home, so we think you might as well have fun!


Some of the crew on the agency boat, SS Shooter, for the occasional “floating friday”

spit swap

The Spit Swap is our yearly holiday event where clients battle it out for the best gift

corn maze

Corn mazes, miniature golf, random board games, sangria contests and more.

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