Why Spitball?

Mama Torre always used to say "don't go to a dentist with bad teeth." Well, we hope we made her proud. Spitball was creatively named and branded to show what a good brand image gets you - an immediate personality and a lasting impression. We pride ourselves on creating that same memorable experience for our clients. The best part is we have fun doing it and so do our clients.

Our Fearless Leaders


Anthony Torre

A creative person locked in an account person’s body, Anthony heads up our client management team to insure our service is nothing but impeccable. When a client asks us to jump, we are typically already in the air. When you first meet Anthony, his exuberance for creativity comes through immediately and is reinforced with his undying passion for unique ideas.

Anthony brings his prior agency success on Band-Aid, Dentyne, Trident, Manischewitz, Halls and Johnson & Johnson to Spitball’s clients helping to drive tremendous success for Cholula Hot Sauce, Atlantic City Alliance and Atalanta. Anthony also drives client partnerships with MLB, MLS, Live Nation and Food Network.

When Anthony isn’t jotting down the next big idea, he’s a proud father of two girls who keep him busy and soon up at night.


Steve Bailey

A self-proclaimed, self-taught jack-of-all-trades, Steve oversees the creative and technology teams to help bring integrated solutions to our clients. Creativity doesn’t stop at design, Steve pushes the entire team to be problem solvers and bring creative ideas to strategy, media, development and all areas of the project.

At his core, Steve is a designer but has acquired agency strategy roles working with Century21, Horizon BCBS and State of NJ. At Spitball, Steve is proud of the team successes he has overseen for IEEE, iCIMS, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and others.

Steve is a father of two little boys - and looking forward to seeing them become basketball players, firemen or whatever profession-of-the-day they choose.

Rip to Stick™

Doesn’t everyone know how to make a spitball?
We’ve modeled our creative methodology after this proven century-old process.

client and
project discovery
research and
design and
launch and

Life at Spitball

A little fun never hurt anyone. Between all of the hardwork, we like to kick back and enjoy life. We host an annual mini-golf
tournament, have "floating fridays" on the company boat, enjoy game board battles and try to have much fun as we can.


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