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Irvington, NY

Prestige Brands needed a fun promotion that helped promote their new line of Allergen Block products. Spitball, in association with their Public Relations partner agency, helped develop the Side-Splitting Sneeze promotion. Behind the rational of "this will be your last sneeze of the season," the promotion asks consumers to upload their funniest sneeze for the chance to win a spa weekend. All entries will be judged by a panel and the top 10 will be posted online for America to vote for the winner.

At the core of the concept is all sneezers are different - from petite to outrageous. The site asks what type of sneezer are you to engage the audience and be apart of the promotion. A viral element, Sneeze on a Friend, was added to help pass along and a voting reminder sign-up was created to promote activity during the voting period.

In an effort to drive entries, the YouTube universe was scanned for videos that featured people sneezing. Messages were sent to these individuals alerting them to the promotion. This simple and free marketing tactic was the catalyst for a number of entries in the promotion.

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