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The idea behind FlipMe wasn't to find love or the ultimate soulmate.  It was about  being able to turn everyday, real-life situations into opportunities to make connections that you might otherwise miss.   That positioning statement immediately set us on the right course.  Be playful and fun but don't promise love.   The creative process explored a variety of different ways to bring the brand to life and the overwhelming favorite was the "confetti" card.  With this logo, we were able to achieve strong branding, incorporate the card and sprinkle in a little whimsical touch with the confetti to make it appealing to all potential users.  The tagline put a nice bow on things by letting consumers know that this was in fact a dating service but something completely new and different.

That was just the beginning.

The cornerstone for FlipMe's success, other than the website, is the actual card. The card served multiple functions.  It's a mobile billboard for the brand, it's the ice-breaker element and most importantly, it contains the codes that link into the online back-end system. The decision was made, for launch, to be sure that a user and a recipient knew exactly what to do with the card.  Very simply, a person receiving the card (a flippee) would go online, enter in the code from the card and be connected directly to the flipper, the person that gave them the card.

Using secure algorithms, Spitball's team created over 2 million unique codes. These codes are specifically tied to the retail packages, sample cards and gifts packages.  Needless to say - there was a lot involved!

If you happen to see these designer red cards out and about, and you are open to making a connection, simply walk on over and say "I want you to FlipMe.  I want you to FlipMe right here, right now."   Or you can head to your favorite store or visit flipmedating.com to get cards of your own!

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