Broadcast Advertising

NJTV Commercial

As a public television channel, NJTV faces multiple challenges to continue to drive viewership. NJTV looked to Spitball to create a unique but authentic commercial that helped convert their target audience to switch to NJTV and more specifically, their flagship news broadcast.

As a true New Jersey channel dedicated to the entire state's news, Spitball honed in on a concept that brought together a number of NJTV's core characteristics and personalities in a creative way. Since NJTV shares content with PBS, Spitball utilized the iconic and catchy song from Sesame Street "Who are the People in the Neighborhood”. The song was re-adapted to hone in on the connection the station and reporters have to real community issues versus the sensationalized stories from talking-head network broadcasts. Two commercial spots featuring on-air talent as well as digital and print assets are supporting the campaign.