Interactive Cards

Atlantic City, NJ - Digital Holiday Cards

Spitball was been called upon to create the now ever-popular Atlantic City holiday cards over the years. With a self-imposed challenge, Spitball has sought to outdo our annual predecessor. The result has been a portfolio of diverse and unique interactive games and activities that has captured the attention of the Atlantic City user base and driven record levels of engagement.

2013 - Rollin’ Wonderland
When you harken back to days or yore and family trips to the Atlantic City boardwalk, many fondly reminisce about the classic arcade. Games with a joystick and a single button, grab machines you could win at and the simple but addicting skeeball quickly fill the memory bank. Spitball created an exact replica to challenge everyone from the casual rollers to the ardent pros. Users are greeted by a multi-lane interface that allows players to select their start position, an accuracy meter that gauges the perfect roll and a few sneaky obstacles. A running leader board ticker keeps users up to date on the top scores to beat. Users can brag about their standings on Facebook and Twitter.

2012 - Music on the Boards
The Atlantic City boardwalk is in the record books as the longest boardwalk in the world (betcha didn’t know that!). At the center of this monument is the famed Boardwalk Hall. In 2012, Atlantic City invested in a Vegas-worthy light show against the canvas of the Hall. This show, a mix of pulsating music and lasers, created a new free spectacle for fans of Atlantic City. Spitball created an interactive music creator which allowed users to compose their own songs or follow along with a music book of holiday classics. Using the boardwalk planks as piano keys, users would strike a note and illuminate a corresponding panel of the Hall. Would-be Beethoven’s could record and share their symphonies with friends and family.

2011 - Enter Sandman
Atlantic City wanted to thank their customers for their support throughout the year. In addition, they wanted to make sure to illuminate the core offerings of the city beyond just the gambling scene. Spitball took the idea of a snowman builder and transitioned it to fit the true uniqueness of Atlantic City - casinos on the beach. Users were able to create their very own Sandman (snowman) using a series of fun elements from wacky eyes, to crazy hats and various backgrounds. The final creation was then shared across social media which create a viral firestorm previously unseen by prior efforts.