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Cream of Wheat National Print Advertising
B&G Foods, Parsippany, New Jersey

Cream of Wheat, part of the B&G Foods portfolio of products, is one of America’s leading hot breakfast cereals.  With over one hundred years of heritage behind the brand, Cream of Wheat needed an updated look, feel and message to connect with today’s consumer.

The brand team challenged Spitball (we feed off of challenges) to create an emotional and transformational print advertisement that tapped into Cream of Wheat’s latent brand equity.  They wanted to remind lapsed users that Cream of Wheat still exists and should be the breakfast choice for themselves and their families.  The advertisement, the lead element of an overall Cream of Wheat campaign that included  sampling in major New York commuter zones, a dedicated web site and an FSI, ran nationally in People magazine.

Spitball learned early on in consumer research that lapsed users fondly remembered Cream of Wheat and recalled the items they used to put on their cereal to make it their own.  Some said fruit, others said syrup and some had wacky concoctions that we wouldn’t even attempt!    The simple act of customizing your Cream of Wheat kicked off our rip-to-stick™ creative process which lead us to the winning idea that stuck!

Instead of triggering nostalgia with old-fashioned imagery that we’ve all seen hundreds of times, we looked to connect the past with the present through a clean and concise message – “Make Your Cream of Wheat Unique”.   These six words delivered everything we needed.  When we rallied the creative execution around them, we had our ad working on so many levels.

  • Sparks an instant recollection of what they used to put on their cereal
  • Subtle topping choices in the background further connects consumer to their past
  • Clean, appetizing bowl shot makes the product the hero
  • Virbant colors stop page flippers in their tracks and portrays the brand as modern and “today”
  • Free offer pops off the page without overshadowing the product

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