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October 2015

Spitball Uncaps the Cholula Brand

Spitball reveals a new brand platform in a 360° national advertising campaign, "Uncap Real Flavor".

October 2015

Holy Mackerel

Leading canned fish brand nets Spitball to develop new positioning and campaign messaging.

August 2015

We Made the List!

Spitball is named one of the top 5000 growing private companies in America by Inc. magazine.

July 2015

Breaking News Advertising Wide Open

NJTV selects Spitball for a new brand focused communication and advertising campaign.

June 2015

Cholula Kicks and Rocks Out with Spitball

Spitball helps Cholula expand its marketing reach with partnerships with NY Red Bulls and Live Nation.

May 2015

Cholula goes Spitball Green

In an effort to drive awareness of Cholula’s newest flavor, Green Sauce, Spitball created a social promotion to entice consumer engagement.

May 2015

Somerville Website Launches

The team at Spitball brings all of the streets of Somerville online in a comprehensive website.

April 2015

Picking Spitball is as Easy as Pie

Spitball produces industry-shattering creative work for Schlesinger - a leader in market research.

April 2015

Polaris Transforms Its Marketing with Spitball

Polaris, a leading technology consulting firm, selects Spitball to reinvent the Polaris brand and marketing efforts.

April 2015

Cholula MLB Partnership Hits 4th Year

Spitball and Cholula capitalize on the success of their major league baseball program by partnering with the San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs in 2015.

March 2015

Spitball Costumes for All

Costume Gallery, a costume manufacturer for recitals, chooses to dance with Spitball for their new website.

March 2015

Spitball Unleashes iCIMS Culture

iCIMS, a leader in HR software, taps Spitball to create a commuter-stopping ad campaign to attract New Jersey’s best talent.

February 2015

Scroll Through Red Bank

Spitball creates an innovative site for our home town that help visitors discover great news spots all around our cool little town.

February 2015

Spitball Cuts the Cheese

Atalanta goes-to-market with a creative cheese display created by Spitball that seeks to showcase cheese and educate consumers about its history.

January 2015

Back to Back IEEE Reports for Spitball

A successful 2013 Annual Report leads to IEEE and Spitball partnership for the design and development of the 2014 report.





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